• Payment is strictly in full prior to receiving any animals.
  • A £15 non-refundable deposit will secure any animal. We will of course refund deposits if we cannot fulfill your order. The remainder will be due as soon as the gecko fulfils the criteria for transportation (see below).
  • Payment can be made in any of the following ways: Cash On Collection, Cash On delivery, PayPal, Direct Deposit into a high street branch of our bank.  


Check out chart below:

  • Delivery of geckos can be arranged to anywhere in mainland UK via courier. It is best for you to source a trusted courier for yourself in most cases. You probably already frequent some reptile forums and the forum RFUK especially has regular posts regarding trusted couriers that you can use if you fall otuside of my delivery radiuses in the above chart.
  • This price that we'll quote includes private Courier costs (if we arrange them) and the provision of an adequate insulated transport container to ensure the health of the animal in transit. Most of the time you will receive your reptile on the same day it is collected by the courier. Rarely it will be delivered the next day.
  • Delivery dates and pricing are strictly at the liberty of the Courier's Schedule and rates - they will liaise with you on the day of delivery by phone.
  •  Our animals will be healthy, vigorous and feeding well before we sell them. We will not provide an animal if we deem it unready for transport or sale. For our Crested geckos this means that they must be a minimum of 6 weeks old OR at least 4 Grams in weight.
  • The only exception to this rule is for Local buyers who are able to collect and transport their animal within a time of approx 1-2 hours travel - in this case the animal will be sold at 6-8 weeks of age and a minimum of 3.5 grams in weight. If for any reason you are unhappy with your animal, you must notify us within 48 hours.
  • we do insist that you contact us within 1 hour of receipt of the animal either by email or text to inform us of its safe arrival.
  • Young geckos are sold as unsexed and this will be stated in their section on the site.
  • We do not guarantee how the sexes will turn out when the geckos are still too young to successfully determine their sex..
  • If we sell older animals as sexed, we will guarantee the gender. If you purchase a sex guaranteed animal, in the event that the gecko does turn out to be of the wrong sex, you will then have the option to return the gecko to us (either in person or via licensed courier),and we will refund the full amount paid (minus any courier costs incurred). No partial refunds or other deals will be offered, the gecko in question must be returned to us in order to receive your refund. This rule must be enforced to deter unscrupulous buyers claiming that females have 'turned male' just to get a partial refund, when in fact they have not.
  • We regret that we cannot sell live animals outside of the UK.

Our main goal is to make every transaction a pleasant experience, if any problems arise, please be assured that we will do whatever it take to make it right! Our reputation is very important to us and we have built and maintained our good name by providing great animals as well as the very best in customer service. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with any animals, we ask that you keep the details of the problems private until the problem has been rectified. You must first contact us and allow us the time (up to 2 weeks) to review your issue, and we will then figure out a suitable arrangement to replace your animals or issue a refund.

Posting details of the transaction, problem, or claim, on any public forum or website is a direct violation of this policy and will result in the immediate and unconditional void of our guarantee. We have to enforce this last rule as we have all seen the nasty snarls between buyers and sellers who have not made adequate contact with each other before posting the misunderstanding all over the internet. We want to avoid such situations by maintaining open and clear lines of communication with our customers, and when details are posted on an open forum before the problem has been dealt with, it will only ever lead to arguments...

Visiting is by appointment only.


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