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Lighting requirements for your gecko.


Leo's generally do not need the additional support of a UV emitting Heat Lamp like many other lizards. Those other lizards need the Heat lamp as a basking source as they warm up their entire body using it; but also require the UV radiation from it in order to synthesise enough levels of Vitamin D3 to enable them to function biologically.

The Leo does not need this requirement - but I have found them to generally be a little bit healthier and happier with a light source provided.

I use the exo terra range of bulbs which are Edison Screw fitting. You could use any suitable bulb and fitting you desire really - it's totally up to you on that. But I would not recommend anything above 40w in power maximum for a standard Height Vivarium (you would be mounting the lighting on the ceiling of the Vivarium) . I prefer the sun glo bulbs as I know it's chucking out proper UV levels for reptiles of all sorts.

 I also use a blue moonlight exo terra 15W bulb but have curiously found it chucks out a silly amount of heat! Too much in fact, so I will either provide a small red bulb or a few small red LED's for night-time lighting.

Red is the part of the spectrum that Leo's have trouble seeing or indeed cannot see at all - so a red light at night lets you observe them but does not distract them from their usual nocturnal activities

 exxo terra sun glo

Lighting = additional heat!!

Light comes with the side effect of additional heating - if you use a thermostat you won't have to worry too much about it  so long as your bulb isn't a silly power wattage (40W max is recommended). But if you manually control the heating, bear in mind you will need to adjust the dimmer plug to allow for the additional heat provided from your lighting.




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