Dominant & Co Dominant Morphs

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A guide to identifying the many colour morphs!



They are a random genetic mutation discovered by Mark Bell in 2006.

An Enigma is a Leopard Gecko which is a dominant morph. When classifying an Enigma, there are a few common features which all Enigmas seem to have.

When they hatch out, their spots tend to be blotches rather than bands. When looking at their tails, the tails are almost all white. As they grow older, the spotting increases and sometimes turns into speckles

Several different morphs have been combined with the Enigma including the Mack Snow, Tangerine, RAPTOR, Blazing Blizzard, Bell Albino and Tremper Albino. The Enigma traits seems to intensify the coloring of traits they are combined with. 



The Giant morph was developed by Ron Tremper in 2000.  There are three phases of the Giant morph, Normal, Giant, and Super Giant.

Ron Tremper's original Giant, Moose was a Super Giant. He reached a whopping 156 grams!

Giants are co-dominant morphs meaning that a gecko needs only to carry one gene in order to express it.

 It isn't easy to tell a Giant from a Normal Leopard Gecko as not all Giants are born bigger or exhibit any difference in growth until a later stage, almost into adulthood where they continue to grow unlike Normals who stop growing.



Mack Snow

The Mack Snows came from John and Amy Mack from Reptiles by Mack. They came across some hatchlings which looked like "Snow" hatchlings rather than normal hatchlings. The following season, John and Amy bred the hatchlings back to each other. In the breeding, they produced Super Snows, Mack Snows, and Normals

Mack Snows, when bred to Mack Snows, have the ability to produce a Super Snow.  When they hatch, they seem to have an all purple hue to them. As they grow, the purple fades into a white body with black broken pin stripes. They also have two solid black eyes.



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