Combination Morphs

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A guide to identifying the many colour morphs!


APTOR is an acronym for Albino Patternless, Tremper ORange.

It is a combination morph of two recessive traits and line bred traits. The two recessive traits used in creating an APTOR are the Tremper Albino and Patternless.

The Patternless trait that is in play in the APTOR (or RAPTOR) is not the same as the Patternless trait expressed in the Murphy Patternless. These two Patternless traits are not compatible. They have been line bred from geckos that carried a high amount of orange to create this beautiful Leopard Gecko.


RAPTOR is an acronym for Ruby-Eyed Albino Patternless, Tremper ORange.

It is a combination morph of three recessive traits and line bred traits.

The three recessive traits used in creating a RAPTOR are the Eclipse, Tremper Albino and Patternless traits.


 Diablo Blanco

A Diablo Blanco (white devil) is essentially a four trait combination created by the genes that are carried in a RAPTOR and a Blizzard. These four recessive traits are the Eclipse, Tremper Albino, Patternless and Blizzard.

The overall look of a Diablo Blanco is a solid white gecko with all red eyes.

 diablo blaco
 SnowGlow (Mack Snow SunGlow)

A Snowglow is a combination of 3 traits, the Mack Snow, Albino gene (Anyone of the three), and a SHTCT.

The end result is a Mack Snow Sunglow.

The desired look of a Snowglow is a white gecko with a light orange/yellow hue to it.

snow glow 


A Sunglow is a SHTCT Albino. They come in all three albino strains. With all of the different geckos available, most Hybinos are referred to as Sunglows too.

When they hatch, Sunglows tend to have lighter body bands than normal albino Leopard Geckos. The body bands will fade over time like a SHTCT hatchling's bands would.




The Creamsicle is a morph developed by JMG Reptile. A Creamsicle is SHTCT Mack Snow.

Its appearance is a white body gecko with orange or yellow blotches on the white.

It took JMG Reptile 3 generations of breeding to obtain the appearance and look they were going for.

Currently, they are working on getting more of a Carrot Tail on the Creamsicles.



F. Passaro

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