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A guide to identifying the many colour morphs!

More than any other reason the sheer variety of colour morphs in the Leopard Gecko is the reason for which this reptile has gained such phenomenal popularity of late in the Herp world.

Below you will find examples of a great many of the current popular morphs with photographs from around the world from the breeders sites which will aid in the identification and classification of them.

  • Normal & Line Bred
    Normal and Line Bred Leopard Gecko Morphs: Normal, hypo, high yellow, carrot tail, carrot head, tangerine, red stripe. lavendar stripe.
  • Recessive
    Recessive Leopard Gecko Morphs: albino, rainwater, temper and bell. blizzard, murphy patternless. eclispe and snake eyes. bold stripe.
  • Dominant & Codominant
    Dominant and Co Dominant Leopard Gecko Morphs: Enigma. Blazing blizzard. tremper giant. Mack Snow. Super snow.
  • Combination
    Combination Leopard Gecko Morphs: APTOR. RAPTOR. Diablo Blanco. Snow Glow. Sunglow. Hybino. Creamsicle and SHTCT.

 For a great listing of ALL of the many current commercially available morphs pop here to check them out:

The Leopard Gecko Wiki - Morphs section

NOTE: I am by no means an expert on Genetics - if you notice a problem with any of my categorisation for Leo morphs please drop me a line with details of the inaccuracies and I will edit the appropirate sections as necessary - cheers.


F. Passaro


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