Leopard Gecko Resources.

 Using the following links or the menus, access all the info you require on Keeping and Breeding Leopards Geckos!

New edits to the heating, substrate and health pages have been made as of Sun 1st Aug.


  • About Leopard Geckos
    General Information regarding the Leopard Gecko. Origin. natural colours. History
  • Care Sheet
    A comprehensive Care Sheet section providing all you will need to know in order to keep Leopard Geckos. Housing, heating, lighting, substrate, feeding, handling, health, incubation, morphs, genetics
  • breeding
    Leopard Gecko Breeding - incubation - sexing - mating - rearing - hatching - Idientifying colours and morphs - a detailed reference of everything you need to know.
  • Books & Supplies
    Recommended books and suppliers of livefood and equipment for keeping Leopard Gecko as pets.

The entire Leopard Gecko Care Sheet section of this site is now available as a downloadable printable PDF - please use the link below to download your copy! (Acrobat reader required)



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